Highly productive semi-automatic, hydraulically manipulated two column band saw machine.

An unique construction of the band saw machine with three pulleys for leading of the blade. With the blade that is 10 grades sloped against the level guarantee high-efficiency of cutting. Thanks to this solution is the machine suitable for well cutting of L,H prifiles as well as all types of pipes.

The machine is designed for vertical cuts.

It is suitable for serial production in industrial premises. Thanks to its robust construction enables to cut wide range of materials including stainless and tool steels, nonferrous metals both profiles and full materials.


 600 CAMEL SHI_katalog_2018

mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 600 x x x x x x
Rod 400* x x x x x x
Profile horizontal 600×510 x x x x 600×415


Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400V 4,0 20-100 6230x41x10,3 2580