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PEGAS GONDA is one of the leading companies in the band saw manufacturing sector. Located in Slavkov u Brna (Czech Republic), with a varied and serial product range, its production under one roof allows it to be really competitive with a unified, robust and quality machine design.

Machinery for cutting solid and structural material.


For an Italian Industrial Group to be a recognized leader in the international market means knowing how to combine long-term tradition, technological development, reliability, creativity, materials research, quality of service and the ability to place always at the center of its attention the customer’s needs.

Friggi-Soitaab is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of vertical and horizontal saws for cutting steels and non-ferrous materials:


-Tool steels

-Stainless steels

– Special alloys

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Disc saws for processing aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

The range of plate materials available on the market today is vast. In addition to processing aluminum and wood, we develop and produce specially configured machines for cutting plastics.

Perfection is in the details. Therefore, for our machine concept, we have developed numerous detailed solutions that meet every challenge. Whether you are cutting hard or soft materials, lightweight building materials, cast or laminated aluminum panels, we find exactly the right solution for our customers. Even for shaped tubes or round bars, we guarantee to have the right product.

Thanks to the solid construction and the powerful saw carriage, the cutting forces are transmitted without vibrations and with the powerful saw motor, our beam saws process aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics with high precision and cutting quality. With saw motors up to 75 kW of power, our machines achieve exceptional feed rates and outstanding cutting performance in every application.

For over 70 years the name MAYER has stood for highest quality and precision, as well as first class service for clients. Our many years of experience in engineering are incorporated into every product and therefore guarantee quality, reliability and maximum customer satisfaction.

It has always been our utmost concern to create the work place at our saws as agreeable as possible for man and environment. Engines and energy sources that are not needed we turn off automatically and on again, if required. We only exhaust where chips actually accumulate. With the thin-cut sawing technology, enabled by the heavy, sturdy and low-vibrating construction design of our saws, we only use a minimum of energy.

As part of the Felder Group, we work for you worldwide. In our production plants in Hall in Tirol and Lombach where quality machines are manufactured in a production area of more than 100,000 m², day after day, we process a wide variety of materials in crafts, commerce and industry. Together we work in the development, marketing and worldwide distribution of our high quality products.

Hundreds of consultants specialized in around 250 points of sale and service in 84 countries configure product solutions individually tailored to the client based on an analysis of specific needs.

Specially trained professionals are in charge of the delivery, installation, commissioning and the first configuration of the machine. Therefore, the new machine can be used productively from the first day of operation.

Through our worldwide customer service network, we ensure short-term availability of our service technicians and a smooth supply of parts. In addition, our customers take advantage of individual inspection and maintenance offers and a competent service hotline for immediate help.