220×250 GH-R

Gravitational band saw machine. Working movement of the arm is caused by the weight of the arm itself, speed is regulated by a hydraulic cylinder.

The machine is designed for cutting of material in vertical and angle cuts, angle cuts are possible to set fluently from 0 to 60 grades to the right.

Change of angle using quick clamping handle.

It is suitable for piece production and small series production. Thanks to its robust construction it enables cutting of wide range of profiles and full materials.


 220×250 GH-R_katalog_2018

mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 220 160 90 x x x
Rod 120* 85* 55* x x x
Profile horizontal 230×150 160×90 90×90 x x 230×120


Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400V 0,75/1,1 30/65 2450x27x0,9 235