360×500 A-CNC-R

It is a highly efficient automatic hydraulically controlled band-saw with multiple material feed. The machine is designed for vertical and angular cuts.

Angular cuts are fluently adjustable from 0 to +45 grades right in automatic mode and to 60 grades left in semiautomatic mode.

It is suitable for serial production and thanks to its robust construction enables to cut wide range of materials including stainless steels and tool steels both profiles and full materials.


 360×500 A-CNC-R_katalog_2018

mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 360 360 300 x x x x
Rod 250* 180* 130* x x x x
Profile horizontal 500×340 440×220 310×220 x x 500×220 410×195


Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400V 3,0 20-100 4780x34x1,1 1500